You get a clear view of your company’s financial statements and performance. Everything at the latest modern international standards.

Custom Tax

You benefit from tax and financial advisory from accredited specialists, regardless of the size of your company or the type of your business.

Payroll and Personnel Management

You have full confidentiality, through a precise data processing, respecting the deadlines and legislative updates.

Business Workflows Optimization

Streamline internal flows with innovative automation through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.

We support the well-being of your business through a holistic vision that helps us gain a proper understanding and provide custom information and advice, with a touch of innovation and increased attention to your needs.


Upload your documents online, check their status in real time and get in touch with specialists dedicated to your business.


In addition, you have access to useful reports and the possibility to request financial expertise for tax optimization, analysis and financial projections, assistance in obtaining grants, mergers and acquisitions, changing the tax vector and more.




Access your account and find the suitable solution for you.

Află Avantajele Integrăriii și Mentalității Digitale în Sectorul Contabil!

Digital Accounting software has significant advantages over traditional ways.

Real-time Cash Flow | Cost Reduction | Security and Agility | Automation and Scalability | Accounting Consultancy



FINAXIA combines the power and efficiency of digitalization in the field of accounting, without giving up the care and attention that you  receive only from a human being, totally devoted to the provided services.



The online accounting management platform and accredited experts offer financial services – digital, high-performance and customized accounting both to support you in streamlining the operational process and to supplement the activities carried out by an internal finance department of your company.




Meanwhile, you have 24/7 access to your company’s situations and you can make real-time, fast, hassle-free decisions.